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The LED as we all know is the new technique of light used at the moment and for this reason we present a vast assortment of LED chandeliers, which with their simplicity manage to furnish and illuminate your home with a modern design and with really consumption reduced.

Use the various filters to find the chandelier with the color and material you prefer at a truly unique price.

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177,63€ 296,05€
FA LED-COUGAR-BLACK black metal led chandelierStructure in black metal with opal diffuser.

177,63€ 296,05€
White LED chandelier FA LED-COUGAR-BCOWhite metal structure with opal diffuser.

371,07€ 618,45€
FA LED-MOLES-S55 led chandelierChromed steel structure.

243,66€ 406,10€
FA LED-MOLES-S35 led chandelierChromed steel structure.

225,06€ 375,10€
FA LED-MOLES-SQ66 led chandelierChromed steel structure.

298,53€ 497,55€
FA LED-IKON-S CR led chandelierChromed metal structure.

110,67€ 184,45€
FA LED-HORIZON-S led chandelierStructure in white laminated metal with opal diffuser.

195,30€ 325,50€
FA LED-HIMALAYA-S50 led chandelierWhite metal structure with transparent and satin acrylic diffuser.

182,28€ 303,80€
FA LED-ETERNITY-S50 led chandelierWhite metal structure with transparent and satin acrylic diffuser.

256,68€ 427,80€
FA LED-TRESOR-S8557 led chandelierStructure in matt white metal with tempered and sandblasted glass diffuser.

349,68€ 582,80€
FA LED-CANDLE-S5 led chandelierBronze colored aluminum structure with acrylic diffusers.

61,38€ 102,30€
FA LED-CANDLE-S1 led chandelierBronze color aluminum structure with acrylic diffuser.