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The LED as we all know is the new technique of light used at the moment and for this reason we present a vast assortment of LED chandeliers, which with their simplicity manage to furnish and illuminate your home with a modern design and with really consumption reduced.

Use the various filters to find the chandelier with the color and material you prefer at a truly unique price.

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242,73€ 269,70€
 led chandelier BON-195Brown aluminum structure.

323,91€ 359,90€
 led chandelier BON-193Chromed aluminum structure.

295,38€ 328,20€
chandelier BON-175Aluminum structure in brown color.

239,40€ 266,00€
bon-159 led chandelier Brown aluminum structure.

259,20€ 288,00€
 led chandelier BON-158Chromed aluminum structure.

239,40€ 266,00€
 led chandelier BON-157White aluminum structure.

437,33€ 514,51€
I-trilogy-s65 modern led chandelier, adjustable chromed metal structure and glass diffuser decorated with crystals.

409,16€ 481,37€
I-jasmine-s65 led chandelier, metal structure with decorated glass.

351,35€ 413,35€
FA I-CHARME / S65 led chandelierMetal frame and white glass with transparent engravings.The chandelier is equipped with a remote control to adjust the brightness and color of the light.

292,05€ 343,59€
FA LED-COUGAR-BLACK black metal led chandelierStructure in black metal with opal diffuser.

292,05€ 343,59€
White LED chandelier FA LED-COUGAR-BCOWhite metal structure with opal diffuser.

514,42€ 605,20€
Modern white led chandelier FA led-maui-S76-bcoStructure in matt white metal with opal acrylic diffuser.