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Discover among the many models of LED ceiling lights, which is the most suitable for decorating your modern bedroom, or your living room, giving a touch of elegance and 360 ° lighting with really reduced consumption.

In our online catalog of led ceiling lamps you will find different models and materials, which you can select using the filters we have included to facilitate your search.

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147,15€ 163,50€
bon-207 led ceiling lightBrown aluminum structure.

220,77€ 245,30€
bon-206 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

147,15€ 163,50€
bon-205 led ceiling lightWhite aluminum structure.

183,42€ 203,80€
bon-200 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

281,16€ 312,40€
Led ceiling light bon-198Brown aluminum structure.

341,55€ 379,50€
bon-197 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

183,42€ 203,80€
bon-199 led ceiling lightWhite aluminum structure.

281,16€ 312,40€
bon-196 led ceiling lightWhite aluminum structure.

273,42€ 303,80€
 led ceiling light BON-194Chromed aluminum structure.

252,54€ 280,60€
 led ceiling light BON-192White aluminum structure.

306,36€ 340,40€
 led ceiling light BON-191Chromed aluminum structure.

16,01€ 18,83€
FA LED-BATTEN-60 60 cm white LED ceiling lightWhite polycarbonate structure with opal diffuser.