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Modern LED lamps

Modern LED lamps are used to furnish and illuminate all bedrooms with a modern and design style.

Thanks to their particular shapes they can make your bedroom very elegant and bright with really reduced consumption.

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165,86€ 207,32€
Modern design led table lamp MAN cinto-6135, chromed aluminum structure.

143,36€ 179,20€
Modern design led table lamp MAN cinto-6136, chromed aluminum structure.

215,70€ 269,62€
Led-melody-L led lamp, structure in chromed metal and transparent crystal.

172,60€ 215,75€
Modern design led table lamp MAN cinto-6141, structure in burnished aluminum.

147,86€ 184,83€
Modern design led table lamp MAN cinto-6142, structure in burnished aluminum.

98,58€ 123,22€
Led-sinatra-L modern led lamp, structure in red gold and crystal aluminum.

Modern led lamp 21928 kitty, nickel and glass metal structure, on / off touch switch.

98,58€ 123,22€
Led modern led-presley-L table lamp, white embossed aluminum structure.

78,08€ 97,60€
LED table lamp in mocha aluminum FA led-moka-LMoka color aluminum structure.

114,99€ 176,90€
Led table lamp with modern cic-spark design-LTSilver metal frame with polymer material diffuser.

128,72€ 160,90€
Modern design led table lamp MAN olimpia-6596, chromed aluminum structure.

94,54€ 118,18€
Modern design led table lamp MAN tsunami-6655, white aluminum structure.