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Glass sconces or glass wall lamps are all made of white or colored glass and by allowing light to pass through the glass create a very special lighting effect.

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15,81€ 26,35€
Glass sconce 01-01212, metal structure, amber marble glass, burnished color details.

119,68€ 132,98€
Brown classic wall lamp with Dese 4255-1AG alabaster glass, old Venetian brown metal frame and white and amber alabaster glass diffuser.

28,83€ 48,05€
Glass wall lamp 01-01812, metal structure, amber marble glass, burnished color details, wooden frame.

10,23€ 17,05€
Glass wall lamp 32-28801, structure in metal and pink glass.

75,76€ 84,18€
Applique in transparent grit glass Dese 3508-1A, structure in white metal with diffuser in transparent grit glass.

62,59€ 69,54€
Applique in white and dove gray decorated glass GD 0002-1AWhite metal structure with 4 mm screen-printed glass diffuser in white and taupe.

16,74€ 27,90€
Glass sconce 210-10600, metal structure, white glass with embossed decoration.

Burgundy 40404W gbo glass wall light, metal frame with glass and almond crystal diffuser.

153,45€ 255,75€
I-poseidon-AP2 glass wall lamp, amber-champagne glass structure with chrome finishes.

81,25€ 90,28€
Chrome laser cut glass wall light GD 0001-1AWhite metal frame with 4mm glass diffuser and chromed metal frame with laser cut.

164,70€ 183,00€
Classic wall lamp in silver leaf glass Dese 7000-2AG, white metal frame and silver leaf glass diffuser.

97,72€ 108,58€
Dese 7000-1AM classic gold leaf glass wall light, white metal frame and gold leaf glass diffuser.