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The classic wall sconces are mainly made of metal or wood and are finished with traditional colors, in some cases the gold leaf and silver leaf finish is used, and there are also pleated lampshades, glass cups or ceramic.

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Classic crystal wall light LEO-NAPLES-AP2Gold metal structure.Transparent crystal pendants.

LEO-ASBURGO-AP2 wall lightPolished gold metal structure.Transparent crystal pendants.

45,02€ 54,90€
Classic gold wall light with MAN paola-3548 cream shade, gold metal frame with cream fabric lampshade.

45,02€ 54,90€
Silver classic wall light with black MAN paola-3538 lampshade, silver metal frame with black fabric lampshade and crystal pendant.

118,58€ 146,40€
CIC-2190-AP2 classic wall lamp, structure in ivory color metal and antique gold paneling, plissè fabric lampshades.

Classic sienna floor lamp and Dese 1860-2A lampshades, sienna earth metal structure with gold leaf details, amber crystal pendants and amber organza lampshades.

Classic ivory pinkish wall light with Dese 3860-1A cream glass, rosy ivory metal structure with rich gold details and cream alabaster glass diffuser.

Classic ivory pinkish wall light with Dese 3860-2A cream glass, rosé ivory colored metal structure with rich gold details and cream alabaster glass diffusers.

Classic applique in silver leaf with Dese 3900-2A pleated lampshades, silver leaf metal structure, chrome-silver details and white pleated lampshades.

Dese 3901-1A classic matt white light wall lamp, structure in matt white metal and transparent glass.

Classic wall lamp in gold leaf with pleated Dese 3905-2A lampshades, metal frame in gold leaf, details in yellow gold, transparent crystal and pleated ivory lampshades.

Classic matt white wall light with Dese pleated lampshade 3905-1A, matt white metal structure, transparent glass and white pleated lampshade.