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The choice of outdoor lighting is very important to enhance the external environment of your home such as a garden, an avenue, a gazebo, a veranda etc. ...

To illuminate the exterior there are several elements that vary according to the environment and furnishings: modern, classic or rustic.

We have outdoor wall lamps that have a very important function, that of illuminating your garden or gazebo and furnishing it at the same time.

While to illuminate the driveway of your home you can choose outdoor bollards or spotlights.

In our online catalog of outdoor lighting you will find several items that are divided into sub-categories for example: outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor spotlights, outdoor suspension lamps, etc.

In each category you will find items for all types of modern, classic or rustic furnishings and thanks to the search filters you can choose the material, color and type of lamp you prefer.


  • Outdoor sconces

    The choice of an outdoor wall lamp is essential to illuminate and furnish the exterior of your home, which could be a garden or a gazebo.

    The wall lamps are available in different materials such as glass, ceramic, metal and aluminum, and in different colors that you can choose depending on your modern or classic decor.

    For all the lamps in our catalog it is possible to install LED or low consumption bulbs.

  • Outdoor poles

    To light up your garden path, choose outdoor poles that, in addition to illuminating it, can create a very elegant and well-furnished environment.

    The outdoor posts are available in different materials and colors that you can choose according to your modern or classic decor.

    On all our outdoor items you can install low-consumption lamps or LED bulbs.

  • Spotlights projectors

    Discover the online catalog of outdoor spotlights at unbeatable prices ...

    Thanks to the waterproof structure, they can be installed outdoors, fighting all atmospheric agents.

    The outdoor spotlights are with very bright built-in LEDs and very low power consumption.

  • Suspension lamps for...

    Outdoor suspension lamps are ideal for decorating and lighting your gazebo, terrace or small garden.

    There are various types of suspension lamps, the most common are the led pendant lamps, very bright and with very low consumption.

    Among the various models of lamps we will find different materials ranging from metal, aluminum, plastic, glass and ceramic to easily adapt them in any classic, modern, design or rustic decor.

  • Outdoor ceiling lights

    Outdoor ceiling lights or ceiling lamps have a very important role, which is to illuminate your terrace with a very wide beam of light, creating an outdoor environment where you can dine with a special atmosphere.

    In our online catalog you will find different models of outdoor ceiling lights in materials ranging from metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and aluminum to adapt them to any modern, classic, rustic and design furniture.

    The most widespread are LED ceiling lights with a very high light output and reduced energy consumption.

  • Outdoor step lights

    The outdoor step lights can be installed on the ground or on the wall in order to indicate the presence of obstacles.

    Their functions are many, in fact, in addition to signaling obstacles, I can also have the function of illuminating the path of your garden or terrace, making it much more welcoming and comfortable to use.

    In our website you will find different models of path markers which are divided into: led path markers, wall-mounted path markers and drive-over led path markers.

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246,45€ 410,75€
Black LED industrial lighthouse FA LED-ZEUS-100Black aluminum structure.

372,93€ 621,55€
FA LED-ZEUS-180 industrial black aluminum LED spotlightBlack aluminum structure.

445,47€ 742,45€
FA LED-ZEUS-240 black aluminum industrial led spotlightBlack aluminum structure.

774,69€ 1 291,15€
Industrial LED light in black aluminum FA LED-MASTER-240Black aluminum structure.

1 623,78€ 2 706,30€
Industrial LED light in black aluminum FA LED-MASTER-480Black aluminum structure.

3 304,29€ 5 507,15€
Industrial LED light in black aluminum FA LED-MASTER-960Black aluminum structure.

416,64€ 694,40€
Industrial LED ceiling light FA LED-ENERGY-80-PLWhite aluminum structure.

416,64€ 694,40€
Industrial recessed LED ceiling light FA LED-ENERGY-80-INCWhite aluminum structure.

326,43€ 544,05€
Outdoor led spotlight multicolor FA LED-RAYS-30PAluminum structure.

491,97€ 819,95€
Multi-color adjustable outdoor LED spotlight FA LED-RAYS-36PAluminum structure.

1 512,18€ 2 520,30€
Multi-color adjustable outdoor LED spotlight FA LED-RAYS-72PAluminum structure.

398,97€ 664,95€
Outdoor multicolor adjustable LED bar FA LED-WALLWASHER-18Aluminum structure.