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Lighting accessories

In this category you will find all the accessories for when it concerns interior and exterior lighting such as: lampholders, adapters, electric cables, frames, etc ...


  • Ceramics for chandeliers

    Ceramics for replacement of chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lights and table lamps made by the master potters of Santo Stefano di Camastra.

  • accessories

    Various accessories for chandeliers: chains, screw rods, braid wire, pendel.

  • Chandelier crystals

    Crystal accessories for chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall lights.

  • Socket

    Lamp holders for chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps, in different colors and sizes.

  • Lampshades

    Lampshades for chandeliers, sconces, lamps and lamps, handmade and finished in every detail with different shapes and sizes available.

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