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Buy new models of barbells online to furnish your kitchen or dining room, making it very elegant and bright.

On our online catalog you will find a vast assortment of rockers or kitchen lamps with different types and materials to adapt to any type of furniture.

With the various search filters you can select the bar that you prefer by choosing the type of furniture: modern, classic or rustic, the color, the material, the number of lights and the price range.

needed products of premium quality and for low prices. Our working experience has won favor and trust among multitude clients with whom we cooperate in various trading areas. We propose a wide range of goods which are gathered into products categories to make your search easier and clarify from the first glance what type of products you can find in our store.


  • Ceramic rockers

    The ceramic rockers are made with a structure that can vary from metal to wood.

    The details and the diffusers are in ceramic worked and decorated by hand by our master ceramists who produce ceramics certified 100% made in Italy.

  • Barbell bars in...

    The wrought iron barbells are characterized by a very worked metal structure and are finished with warm colors to adapt to classic or rustic furnishings.

    The diffusers are usually made of Murano glass, ceramic or opal glass.

  • Barbell bars in wood

    The wooden barbells are suitable for rustic furnishings, such as a masonry kitchen or an old kitchen.

    The structure is made of a walnut or light wood beam and the diffusers are made of glass or handmade ceramic.

    You can choose to install LED bulbs or energy-saving bulbs.

  • Modern barbells

    Modern rockers have a very simple and linear structure and the most used colors are white and chrome.

    The diffusers are in white or colored opal glass and are used for all modern and contemporary furnishings.

    They can be fitted with energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs with reduced consumption and excellent light output.

  • Classic barbells

    The classic rockers are made of worked metal and finished in warm colors to fit in a classic kitchen.

    The diffusers are usually in amber glass, cream or in the most elegant lamps the glass is finished in gold or silver leaf.

    In all these items it is possible to install LED or energy-saving bulbs.

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217,16€ 271,45€
Anthracite modern barbell with MAN eve-1150 lampshades, anthracite metal structure with white fabric lampshades.

180,07€ 219,60€
Classic barbell cic-2009-rust-2, rust-colored wrought iron structure with ceramic diffusers decorated by hand.

250,10€ 305,00€
Barb-wrought iron barbell cic-2009-rust-3, rust-colored and gold-colored metal structure with hand-decorated ceramic diffusers.

104,43€ 130,54€
barbell in wrought iron i-egizia-2, rust-colored metal structure with gold brushed, marbled glass diffusers.

110,70€ 123,00€
Bon-bl125-3 wrought iron barbell, metal frame in brown color with gold paneling and amber glass diffusers.

71,10€ 79,00€
Bon-bl179-S2-AV barbell in wrought iron ivory and lemon gold, structure in ivory metal with gold brushwork, glass diffusers.

94,50€ 105,00€
Bon-bl179-S3-AV barbell in wrought iron ivory and lemon gold, structure in ivory metal with gold brushwork, glass diffusers.

192,15€ 213,50€
Brown classic bar streaked with glasses Dese 4505-2B, metal frame in brown color with cream satin glass diffusers.

71,10€ 79,00€
Brown wrought iron and lemon gold barbell bon-bl179-S2-BR, brown metal frame with gold brushstrokes, glass diffusers.

94,50€ 105,00€
Brown wrought iron and lemon gold barbell bon-bl179-S3-BR, brown metal frame with gold brushstrokes, glass diffusers.

498,60€ 554,00€
Ceramic balancer decorated the eagle FL C165 BLMetal structure with worked and hand decorated ceramic diffuser.

253,76€ 317,20€
Chrome modern chandelier with MAN ninette-1911 lampshades, chromed metal frame with black fabric lampshades.