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Table lamps or bedside lamps are essential to light up the bedroom as well as having the function of furnishing it.

In our online catalog of lamps you will find different models that vary depending on your modern, classic, rustic and contemporary decor.

In the vast assortment of bedside lamps you will find lamps made of material ranging from crystal, wood, glass, plastic and metal so that you can give yourself a better chance of choosing which table lamp is best suited to your bedroom.

he needed products of premium quality and for low prices. Our working experience has won favor and trust among multitude clients with whom we cooperate in various trading areas. We propose a wide range of goods which are gathered into products categories to make your search easier and clarify from the first glance what type of products you can find in our store.


  • Crystal table lamps

    Discover the new online catalog of crystal lamps that vary according to your classic or modern decor.

    Thanks to the brilliance of the crystal they can make your bedroom very elegant and bright.

  • Wrought iron lamps

    The wrought iron lamps are used to furnish the bedrooms with a classic style.

    The structure is all in worked metal and finished with classic colors like brown, ivory and gold.

    The diffusers can vary from Murano glass to hand-made ceramics.

    All our items are handcrafted and finished by Italian artisans.

  • Modern lamps

    To light up your modern bedroom, you can choose from the vast assortment of modern lamps made in different shapes and materials to best fit your type of furniture.

  • Modern LED lamps

    Modern LED lamps are used to furnish and illuminate all bedrooms with a modern and design style.

    Thanks to their particular shapes they can make your bedroom very elegant and bright with really reduced consumption.

  • Classic lamps

    In this section you will find a wide selection of lamps to furnish and brighten up your bedroom with classic style.

  • Ceramic table lamps

    Ceramic lamps are suitable for decorating a classic or rustic bedroom.

    Usually they come with a metal structure worked and finished with warm colors, the details and the diffuser are all in ceramic worked and decorated by hand by the master ceramists of Santo Stefano di Camastra.

  • Wooden table lamps

    Discover the new models of wooden lamps that thanks to the use of gold leaf and silver leaf can furnish your bedroom making it very elegant and bright.

  • Contemporary lamps

    Buy online the various models of contemporary lamps, which thanks to the use of latest generation materials manage to illuminate and furnish your bedroom with a unique style.

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180,56€ 225,70€
Chrome modern table lamp with MAN eve-1178 lampshade, chromed metal frame with black fabric shade.

Chrome modern table lamp with purple lampshade BELL karma 1810 / LU, chromed metal frame with purple pleated lampshade.

180,56€ 225,70€
Chrome modern table lamp with white lampshade MAN eve-1138, chromed metal frame with white fabric shade.

87,84€ 109,80€
Chrome modern table lamp with white MAN mara-1649 lampshade, chromed metal frame with white and crystal fabric lampshade.

90,00€ 100,00€
Modern table lamp bon-bl97-LT, chromed metal structure with transparent crystal pendants and white lampshade.

43,92€ 54,90€
I-boeme-L1 modern table lamp, chromed metal structure with glittered polyvinyl lampshade and transparent crystal pendants.

59,54€ 74,42€
I-thesis-L modern table lamp, in chromed metal with glass diffuser and copper retina.

61,49€ 76,86€
I-yoga-L modern table lamp, in chromed metal and transparent glass diffuser on the outside and opal white glass inside.

108,70€ 120,78€
Classic table lamp 1 light brown and gold Dese 2200-1L, metal structure in volterra brown color with details in satin yellow gold and diffusers in white murano glass with gold edge.

86,74€ 96,38€
Classic antique earth color and glass Dese 1920-1L, metal structure in antique earth color and alabaster glass diffuser in cream tobacco color.

97,72€ 108,58€
Classic antique earth table lamp with 1 light Dese 3460-1L glass, antique earth color metal structure with cream color glass diffuser.

49,41€ 54,90€
Antique ivory classic table lamp with Dese 1780 / 1L glass, antique ivory metal frame, satin glass diffusers.