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Ceiling lights and ceiling lamps

We show you a large catalog of ceiling lights or ceiling lamps divided into different categories. Each category varies depending on your modern, classic, design or rustic furnishings.

The ceiling lamps are designed to furnish a new home where the ceiling height does not give the possibility to install a chandelier.

The ceiling lights as mentioned earlier, should be installed directly to the ceiling and depending on your decor you can choose classic ceiling lights, wrought iron, glass, Murano, modern, LED, ceramic or we can make them on your request by choosing sizes, materials and colors.


The ceiling lamps are divided into different types:

Modern ceiling lights: they are very simple and linear, usually a material that varies from metal, cement or acrylic is used and are finished in cool colors such as nickel, chrome and white.

Classic ceiling lights: they use traditional materials such as metal and wood, and are finished in gold leaf or silver leaf or are painted with warm colors such as brown, gold and ivory. They are ideal for decorating your classic bedroom or your living room.

Contemporary ceiling lights: very bright because they use innovative materials and light colors creating a very elegant design environment.

Crystal ceiling lights: they are made with a gold or chrome metal structure and with its Swarovski crystals they can make the whole room shine making it very elegant and bright.

Led ceiling lights: the main feature is that of lighting with very low consumption, and usually they are very simple and linear for modern and design furnishings.

Murano ceiling lights: they are made by Italian artisans who work the glass manually and many times they are made at the request of the customer choosing the color and the measures to best fit in a bedroom or a living room, making it very elegant.

Wrought iron ceiling lights: used for a rustic and classic decor, they are made of "iron" worked and finished with warm colors, the most used is the "rust" color. On request it is possible to customize them to measure and color.

Vintage ceiling lights: they are widely used to furnish homes because they use very old materials and allow to recover unused objects, thanks to this they are able to create an environment with a very refined and particular retro style.

Ceiling lights for bedrooms: they are very colorful to give light to children's rooms, and often there are also drawings of cartoon characters.

Ceramic ceiling lights: they are made by master ceramists who manually work the ceramic finishing each piece in detail. The decorations are handmade and very bright colors are used, to fit in a rustic and classic decor.

Glass ceiling lights: they are very bright, allowing light to pass through the glass which varies from a simple white or satin glass to a screen-printed glass or decorated with colored shades. They fit into any modern, classic and design furniture, and are very simple and linear.

To facilitate the search on the various models of ceiling lamps you can select the filters, which will allow you to choose the color, the number of lights, the price range and the materials you prefer.


  • Ceiling lights in...

    Ceiling lights or ceiling lamps in wrought iron are used for a rustic and classic decor.

    The main material is the "iron" worked and finished with warm colors, such as the most common is the "rust" color.

    On request it is possible to make them to size and color to best furnish your home with customized ceiling lights.

  • Modern ceiling lights

    Modern ceiling lamps are very simple and linear, they use a material that varies from metal to cement or acrylic and are finished in cool colors such as nickel, chrome and white.
    Perfect for decorating a bedroom, living room or simply a dining room.

  • Glass ceiling lights

    The glass ceiling lights fit into any modern, classic and design furniture.

    The glass is usually worked according to the furnishing of your homes.

    We find ceiling lamps in white or transparent glass that are the simplest and cheapest, while for a more particular decor we find ceiling lights in worked glass decorated with "cold" or "warm" colors to be installed in rooms with classic or modern furnishings. .

    The glass with the "laser cut" is also very particular and elegant.

    All the ceiling lights that you find in our online catalog are of excellent quality / price.

  • Led ceiling lights

    Discover among the many models of LED ceiling lights, which is the most suitable for decorating your modern bedroom, or your living room, giving a touch of elegance and 360 ° lighting with really reduced consumption.

    In our online catalog of led ceiling lamps you will find different models and materials, which you can select using the filters we have included to facilitate your search.

  • Crystal ceiling lights

    To furnish your bedroom in an elegant way, choose the various models of crystal ceiling lights.

    The structure is made of gold or chrome metal according to modern or classic furnishings, the crystals that usually vary from a transparent Swarovski crystal to a colored one, manage to make your whole bedroom shine, making it very elegant and luxurious.

    To facilitate your search we have decided to insert the filters that will allow you to choose the color, the material and the number of lights you prefer.

  • Ceramic ceiling lights

    The ceramic ceiling lamps or ceiling lamps are worked and decorated by hand by our master potters who finish off every single part in a special way, making it truly unique.

    All the decorations are made by hand with very bright colors and are usually suitable for classic and rustic furnishings.

    All ceramic ceiling lights are correlated by a certificate of authenticity, which certifies the workmanship of craftsmen with 100% made in Italy materials.

  • Vintage ceiling lights

    The vintage style has returned in recent years to furnish bars, homes and shops.

    It is a very particular style, characterized by objects used in the 80s and 90s, which today has become a fashion to furnish the home with retro objects treated in detail, simple and functional.

    This is why we have decided to offer you a vast assortment of retro-style ceiling lights and vintage ceiling lamps to illuminate your home.

  • Ceiling lights for...

    Find out how to light up the children's room with very colorful ceiling lights for bedrooms with drawings and characters in cartoons.

  • Classic ceiling lights

    Ceiling lamps or classic ceiling lights are usually made of materials such as metal, wood, glass and crystal.

    The characteristic that differentiates them with all the others is the very accurate and refined workmanship in every detail.

    The finishes are made with warm colors, gold leaf and silver leaf are used for the most elegant furnishings.

    This type of classic lamps are ideal for decorating a bedroom, a living room, a dining room or an entrance hall.

    At your request we can make custom ceiling lights or ceiling lamps by choosing the color, the sizes and the ideal material for your home.

  • Contemporary ceiling...

    Contemporary ceiling lamps or ceiling lights use innovative materials with light colors, to be installed in all homes where the furniture is a mix of classic and modern.

    The contemporary ceiling lights furnish and light up your home, creating a very elegant and uniquely designed environment.

  • Murano ceiling lights

    Discover the vast assortment of Murano glass ceiling lamps and ceiling lights, made by our craftsmen who work every single piece manually, finishing it in every part.

    Make your own Murano glass lamp with us, choosing sizes and colors to make your dream all in Murano glass made in Italy.

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152,84€ 169,82€
MAN cuadrax cristal 0997 modern ceiling lightBurnished metal structure with glass diffusers.

193,50€ 215,00€
Ceiling lamp in wrought iron ivory and ivy gold bon-23, structure in ivory and gold metal.

135,00€ 150,00€
Bon-24,wrought iron ceiling light, ivory and gold metal structure, clear crystal almonds.

252,98€ 281,09€
MAN cuadrax cristal 0991 modern ceiling lightBurnished metal structure with glass diffusers.

202,91€ 225,46€
MAN cuadrax cristal 0990 modern ceiling lightBurnished metal structure with glass diffusers.

147,15€ 163,50€
bon-207 led ceiling lightBrown aluminum structure.

220,77€ 245,30€
bon-206 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

147,15€ 163,50€
bon-205 led ceiling lightWhite aluminum structure.

183,42€ 203,80€
bon-200 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

281,16€ 312,40€
Led ceiling light bon-198Brown aluminum structure.

341,55€ 379,50€
bon-197 led ceiling lightChromed aluminum structure.

183,42€ 203,80€
bon-199 led ceiling lightWhite aluminum structure.