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Contemporary ceiling lights

Contemporary ceiling lamps or ceiling lights use innovative materials with light colors, to be installed in all homes where the furniture is a mix of classic and modern.

The contemporary ceiling lights furnish and light up your home, creating a very elegant and uniquely designed environment.

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166,50€ 185,00€
White wrought iron shabby chic bon-121, white shabby chic metal frame with ivory and dove gray details.

176,42€ 207,55€
Modern ceiling lamp FA I-ABRAXAS-PL4 BCOWhite metal structure.

118,60€ 139,53€
Modern ceiling lamp FA I-ABRAXAS-PL2 BCOWhite metal structure.

94,50€ 105,00€
Modern white and dove gray ceiling light 3 bubble lights bon-56, white and dove gray metal frame.

135,00€ 150,00€
Modern white and dove gray ceiling light 5 lights bubble bon-55, white and dove gray metal frame.

Modern ceiling lamp in matt white metal GD 0148-1PLPStructure in matt white metal.

Modern ceiling lamp with white discs TP 109-PL4, white metal structure finished to the smallest detail.

135,00€ 150,00€
Shabby chic wrought iron ceiling light bon-18, white shabby chic metal frame.

193,50€ 215,00€
Shabby chic wrought iron chandelier bon-17, white shabby chic metal frame.

499,60€ 587,76€
Modern ceiling lamp FA i-imagine-PL5, structure in aluminum and white curved glass.