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In this section you will find a wide selection of lamps to furnish and brighten up your bedroom with classic style.

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72,47€ 80,52€
Antique Dese 1800 / 1L antique earth color table lamp, antique earth color metal structure and satin cream glass diffuser.

Classic brown table lamp with amber glass BELL orion 016 / LT, brown metal frame with handmade amber glass diffuser.

130,66€ 145,18€
Classic brown table lamp with Dese 4255-1L alabaster glass, old brown Venetian metal structure and white and amber alabaster glass diffuser.

108,70€ 120,78€
Classic table lamp 1 light brown and gold Dese 2200-1L, metal structure in volterra brown color with details in satin yellow gold and diffusers in white murano glass with gold edge.

86,74€ 96,38€
Classic antique earth color and glass Dese 1920-1L, metal structure in antique earth color and alabaster glass diffuser in cream tobacco color.

97,72€ 108,58€
Classic antique earth table lamp with 1 light Dese 3460-1L glass, antique earth color metal structure with cream color glass diffuser.

49,41€ 54,90€
Antique ivory classic table lamp with Dese 1780 / 1L glass, antique ivory metal frame, satin glass diffusers.

82,35€ 91,50€
Classic antique rust table lamp with 1 light Dese 3480-1L glass, structure in antique rust colored metal with cream satin glass diffuser.

115,29€ 128,10€
Classic antique silver and Dese 4266-1L crystal table lamp, antique silver metal frame and clear crystal details.

218,50€ 242,78€
Classic antique silver table lamp with Dese 4020-1L glasses, antique silver colored metal frame with gold leaf details, amber crystals and white and gold murano glass diffuser.

64,42€ 80,52€
Classic table lamp FA I-ABRAXAS-L1 GOLDStructure in black and gold metal.

142,74€ 158,60€
Classic brown and gold table lamp with Dese 4010-1L glass, metal frame in autumn color, amber crystals and white glass diffuser with gold border.